Our Company.

Edmund Becker | Machine hall

We are pleased to provide you with the following information on our company because you should also know who we are if you want to work together with us.

Edmund Becker GmbH was founded in 1981. It originated from the "Maschinenbau Edmund Becker" business founded in 1974. Since 2003, when the company founder Edmund A. Becker retired, the family-owned business has been managed by Dorothee and Philipp Becker.

The company can offer problem solutions in many areas because of its decades of experience in the sector and industry. Particularly in the manufacture and maintenance of machines and equipment of energy and steel works plants. We can always perform the desired work with the necessary precision, regardless of whether hot or cold rolling mill, large compressors or pumps, or repair or the manufacture of reserve parts, like the grinding of rubber-coated or steel rolls up to a diameter of 2,000 mm.

Hard rules apply in the market of the rolled steel industry. The motto of our company and employees is therefore:

"Quality is when the customer, and not the product, comes back."